When it Comes to apartments for Rent in the Bronx, Avoid those with Murdering Landlords

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Visitors to New York City often think they have to worry about crime. They may be afraid of riding the subway or getting into and out of a taxi. New Yorkers know that the city is pretty safe, but most keep their eyes open and are wary of talking with strangers. But it’s a rare person who is wary of their landlord. Maybe they should be though, because for one tenant, death was the result of some unpaid rent.

If you are looking for Bronx NY apartments for rent and find one through landlord Taha Mahran, it might be worth it to skip that listing. You see, Mahran is 51 and recently was charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. Mahran arrived at the 45th Precinct with bloody clothing on his body, stating he had stabbed a man 20 times. That man, Zakir Kahn, was 44 and a resident of an apartment on Logan Avenue. The reasoning, according to Mahran, was that Kahn had not paid rent and was trying to scam his landlord.

However, community members tell a different story, calling Kahn a respected real estate agent and hardworking father. The point they do agree on is that rent had been an issue between Kahn and his landlord for over a year.

The fact remains that renting from a landlord with a history of issues over rent and recent charges involving murder is not the ideal situation for anyone. Therefore, during your search for Bronx apartments, it may be worthwhile to keep looking when it comes to anything with Taha Mahran’s name in the landlord slot.

Safety and peace of mind are important in any scenario involving your home. It is even more important that your landlord be approachable and reasonable, not knife-wielding and dangerous.

Give yourself a better chance at success by avoiding any landlord with a criminal record, but particularly make sure to avoid those who have killed tenants that lived in their residences before you.