Comfortable Residences in Manhattan Sure Have Changed Since President Roosevelt

comfortable residences in manhattan have changesBack in 2001, the NY Times published an article on the changes occurring in Murray Hill – a Midtown Manhattan neighborhood known for its brownstones and low-rise residential community. Families such as the Tiffanys, the Morgans, the Rhinelanders and the Roosevelts once called Murray Hill home.

In 1905, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt lived close by Franklin’s mother, Sara Roosevelt, in the Murray Hill neighborhood. Murray Hill was concerned that their comfortable historic parish would be destroyed with the progress of high-rises being built.

In 2003, the Murray Hill Historic District was listed on the National Register, documenting a period of history from 1853 to 1953. At that time the district boundaries were selected to correspond to those properties that met the fifty year requirement for eligibility and listing, resulting in a smaller boundary within the greater Murray Hill neighborhood. In light of the passage of time and the now eligible stock of buildings from the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Murray Hill Historic District (Boundary Expansion) provides the opportunity to establish a boundary that unifies much of the neighborhood’s historic resources from a period of significance from 1853 to 1961.

Today, Murray Hill has a whole new look while still sustaining the historical legacy of this timeless neighborhood. Just imagine President Roosevelt coming back to his home today to see the house still there but it is now Hunter College’s Public Policy Institute and the skyline filled with new, high-rise structures surrounding his once community.

One of the fore-mentioned high-rises President Roosevelt would see today is House 39, located at 225 East 39th Street. House 39 offers top notch amenities including a concierge, a roof deck with cabanas and BBQ stations, an outdoor movie screen, a fireplace, bocce ball, shuffle board, a photo booth, a live-in superintendent, a children’s playroom, a curved swimming pool, a library, a fitness center, a driveway, a plaza, and courtyard garden.

The luxury apartments are probably the most comfortable residences in Manhattan. The exterior structure looks like it entered a pinball wizard contest with its many vertical façade strips that interrupt its very smooth, reflective façades.

Top 5 Green Restaurants Near Your Apartment in NYC

green apartments for rent nyc
Photo Courtesy of Culture Trip

I live in Chelsea and was wondering what were the best sustainable or healthy restaurants were in my hood. I came across this article on that features the best 24 sustainable restaurants in New York City.

Here’s what I found…

  1. Westville Chelsea, 246 West 18th Street (between 7th Avenue & 8th Avenue) – Fresh produce & locally sourced meats lead the list of ingredients. Great food, great prices, exceptional service and unique tasting dishes. You just have to try the brussel sprouts! Even if you hate them, these are not your average sprouts. From the bar, definitely try the green-colored prosecco lemonade cocktail.
  2. Bareburger Chelsea on 8th Avenue serves American (Traditional) and organic and all-natural burgers and salads on 153 8th Avenue. Eco-minded Bareburger features lots of exotic burgers – duck, boar, elk, bison and more. The onion rings delicious and the meats are lean but well cooked.
  3. Dirty Bird To Go at 204 West 14th Street (and 7th Avenue.) is an organic fried chicken joint also offering rotisserie chicken. Homemade sides include rich and creamy mac n’ cheese and a buttery garlic kale. Thirsty? Try the watermelon lemonade.
  4. The Grey Dog located at 242 West 16th St (between 7th & 8th Avenues) is a homey cafe luring locals for coffee, eggs, sandwiches and salads with a coffeehouse chill atmosphere. Veggie burger, avocado toast, salmon/avocado salad, tofu wrap with spinach, portobello mushrooms and ginger, the Grey Dog club, seafood gumbo, the Grey Dog breakfast, mustard brussel sprouts are just a few of The Grey Dog’s amazing things.
  5. Blossom Du Jour located at 259 West 23rd Street near 8th Avenue specializes in health-conscious (Kosher, Local/Organic, Vegan, and Vegetarian) eats, with a juice bar and serves vegan American fare including gluten-free options. Little Italy sandwich with soy meatballs, grilled un-chicken sandwich, vegan butterfinger shake, Midtown Melt, Beet Burger and the Protein Bowl with marinated kale, quinoa, black beans, lemon un-chicken, guacamole and tahini dressing are just a few of their healthy yummies.

With all this outstanding food surrounding you, why wouldn’t you live in Chelsea? And if you’re searching for green apartments for rent in NYC, check out EOS NoMad over at 100 West 31st Street. EOS NoMad is a new, modern, eco-friendly and magnificent 47 story glass tower. Top notch amenities for exercising your body, mind and spirit. And the best foods are available just around the corner.

Parkchester in Bronx NY is Getting Twenty-Three More Apartments for Rent

vacant lot for 16 apartments for rent in Bronx NY
Future site of 16 condos developed by Galaxy Towers Apartments

Two more additions to the Parkchester community in the southeast section of the Bronx are coming thanks to Galaxy Towers Apartments and New Haven Co. of NY. 1360 and 1364 Purdy Street will be the site of 16 new condominium units developed by Galaxy Towers Apartments, and 1358 Odell Street will have a mixed-use structure developed by New Haven Co. of NY.

Plans have been filed and the DOB Permit was issued in December 2016 for the first of two 4-story, 8-unit condos on Purdy Street in Parkchester. Galaxy Towers Apartments is working with architect, Michael Depasquale, to complete the project. The South building will cover 8,213 square feet, and each of the 8 units will be approximately 883 square feet. The North building will cover 6,654 square feet, and each of those apartments will be about 687 square feet. The construction will go up on a lot that is currently sitting empty. The two new buildings will be located just outside the Southeast corner of the 129-acres of land that make up the Parkchester Apartment Community between Starling Avenue and Westchester Avenue.

New Haven Co. of NY is working with Ling Li Architects on a mixed-use structure that will be developed at 1358 Odell Street in the Parkchester section of the East Bronx. The 6-story complex will have 4,400 square feet of commercial and community space on the bottom two floors and 7 apartment units on floors 3-6 that will be about 800 square feet each. The entire project will be just under 13,500 square feet.

The addition of new apartments for rent in Bronx NY seems to be increasing, but the need for affordable housing in the area still outweighs the number of units available. There is no completion date set for either of the new projects being developed in the Parkchester section.

5 Things You Must Expect to Feel Comfortable in Your Residence in Manhattan

Residence in Manhattan

When looking for an apartment in Manhattan, there is more to consider than just the view (though that can be important!). There are several factors that play into a healthy, comfortable living space, and today we’ll go over five of them.

First is security. While the probability that something will happen to you in Manhattan actually isn’t that high, it always makes you more comfortable and at ease knowing that the building’s security systems are up to current standards and that you’ve got a doormen looking out for you. That little extra can put your mind at ease about your belongings and children or pets.

Now, for numbers two through five, we’ll look at amenities. These can vary a lot, but you want good quality amenities because they will affect the quality of your life. When you find an interesting apartment ad, be sure to visit the building’s website. is a good example of a quality apartment building that provides pictures and details on amenities

Number two is a pool. One popular amenity that everyone looks for is a pool. This is a bonus for anyone. Some places have rooftop pools, others have hot tubs… it’s a pretty standard amenity for comfortable residences in Manhattan.

Number three is a library. This is definitely one to consider if you can find it. Who wouldn’t want to just escape and read a book every once in a while? Or even with their kids. It’s a great, sometimes never-thought-of option.

Number four is a fitness center. Feeling comfortable will always be easier when keeping yourself healthy is easy. Having a gym or fitness center with classes is something that everyone should look for when finding an apartment because you’ll never have excuses to NOT exercise.

And, number five, entertainment options. Game and movie rooms are popular these days – from billiards to ping-pong to mini theaters, you can find most any entertainment right in your building.

When choosing an apartment in Manhattan, choose one that will make you feel most comfortable and at home when you walk in the door.

When it Comes to apartments for Rent in the Bronx, Avoid those with Murdering Landlords

Remove term: Bronx NY Apartments for Rent Bronx NY Apartments

Visitors to New York City often think they have to worry about crime. They may be afraid of riding the subway or getting into and out of a taxi. New Yorkers know that the city is pretty safe, but most keep their eyes open and are wary of talking with strangers. But it’s a rare person who is wary of their landlord. Maybe they should be though, because for one tenant, death was the result of some unpaid rent.

If you are looking for Bronx NY apartments for rent and find one through landlord Taha Mahran, it might be worth it to skip that listing. You see, Mahran is 51 and recently was charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. Mahran arrived at the 45th Precinct with bloody clothing on his body, stating he had stabbed a man 20 times. That man, Zakir Kahn, was 44 and a resident of an apartment on Logan Avenue. The reasoning, according to Mahran, was that Kahn had not paid rent and was trying to scam his landlord.

However, community members tell a different story, calling Kahn a respected real estate agent and hardworking father. The point they do agree on is that rent had been an issue between Kahn and his landlord for over a year.

The fact remains that renting from a landlord with a history of issues over rent and recent charges involving murder is not the ideal situation for anyone. Therefore, during your search for Bronx apartments, it may be worthwhile to keep looking when it comes to anything with Taha Mahran’s name in the landlord slot.

Safety and peace of mind are important in any scenario involving your home. It is even more important that your landlord be approachable and reasonable, not knife-wielding and dangerous.

Give yourself a better chance at success by avoiding any landlord with a criminal record, but particularly make sure to avoid those who have killed tenants that lived in their residences before you.